Our blog includes updates from the vineyard and winery, wine features, specials, products and much more. Elkton, Oregon is a special place and we like to brag about it from time to time. 

Coming this May!

We are gearing up for our spring bottling, and I'm excited to announce a few new wines that will be joining the line-up on a trial basis. 

First, in 2015 I reserved two barrels of Baco Noir to see how it would do with additional aging. That will be bottled up in May after spending an extra 9 months in new Oak. So all you Baco Noir fans, be sure to come visit to try this new (and very limited) wine!

While we do make a blended rosé, I specifically wanted to saignée some Pinot to see how that would drink. Rosés seem to still be on the rise, so I figured it might behoove us to have a couple options on the menu. I only made one barrel of this, so if it is well received, I'll definitely look into making more in the future.

And the third newbie on the lineup is an orange wine! I researched this style of winemaking last summer when a friend of mine turned me onto orange wines. I have been interested in adding our estate Gewürztraminer to the menu, and this presented an opportunity to offer a new style of Gewürz produced in Elkton. A few of the wineries in Elkton already make Gewürz (and it is excellent to boot), so offering a unique style appealed to me. Here is a recent picture of the wine I pulled from the barrel prior to filtering:


Unlike a traditional white wine that is pressed so the juice has no contact with the skins, this Gewürztraminer is crushed and fermented on its skins. The skins carry enough pigment to darken the wine. Not only am I pleased with its color and potential bottle presentation, I am really excited about how much power the bouquet is carrying. Initially I assumed I would serve this wine chilled, but I may be tempted to keep it at room temperature so as not to stifle the awesome aromatics.

I don't know when we will release these wines, but I certainly will be offering early tastings for our wine club members this June. And if they are drinking nicely early, I'll not hesitate to start selling them ASAP!

Thanks for reading!