Our blog includes updates from the vineyard and winery, wine features, specials, products and much more. Elkton, Oregon is a special place and we like to brag about it from time to time. 

Footage from the Farm

When we were kids, my father would haul around an old RCA VHS camcorder to all the activities and events we did. It was a beast. To use it, one would have to hoist it onto ones shoulder, and with one eye closed navigate the world by looking through a small and disorienting, black & white viewfinder. Yet he always managed to get really good footage and would happily make and distribute copies to classmates, teammates and family friends alike. Some of my favorite tapes are of lambing season, feeding the cows, or summer afternoons at the river with our neighbors and friends. 

Well the ol' camcorder doesn't get out and about nearly as often these days, unfortunately, but the good news is that Bradley video production has resumed! 

Okay that may not sound that exciting, so let me elaborate.

I received a GoPro camera recently and have been having a lot of fun with it. As I've been getting to know it and contemplating interesting things to film, I realized that too few people make it to Elkton on a regular basis. So what I've decided to do is make short films from around the vineyard, winery and greater Elkton area and share them with you! That way you can always have a little bit of Elkton with you wherever you go (these videos are mobile-friendly).

So with that, here are a few of my first videos from the farm. Enjoy!