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Vineyard Drone Tour

One inquiry/sales pitch we get to our general inbox frequently is for recorded drone flights and virtual vineyard tours. Often with these pitches come sample footage from other vineyards that have used their services. I've taken the time to watch some of these and they are really impressive, but I guess I just haven't felt the end footage is worth the upfront cost.

And I'm glad I have held out, because the other day I discovered I can create my own 'drone' videos! Now my drone happens to fly pretty low, is a little shaky and has heavy yaw, but it works great. Check out this little flyover from the other morning:

To those of you who cracked the mystery, yes, I attached the GoPro to the boom of the tractor and raised it up in the air. If you happen to try something like this at home, one thing I learned is that when the camera is on the tip of the forks, you get a little more unwanted motion than when it is firmly secured to the mount. But all in all, I'm pretty happy with my low-budget solution to a problem I didn't really have in the first place. :) 

To the sky!